Code of good practice Hispania Homes SL

The company Hispania Homes Estate Agents Moraira is governed by a code of good practice, public and accessible to both customers and suppliers and collaborators of the company.

This code is provided for customers for service requests to permanently post on the company's site on the Internet

1 Information on products offered by Hispania Homes, SL.

2 Information on the conditions of sale and costs in the

Buying or selling real estate.

3. Information on the contents of private agreements or rent.

4. Documentation to be delivered to the interested clients regarding the contracted property.

5 Information on defects, vices or real estate costs.

6 Fees Hispania Homes SL.

7. The amounts received by Hispania Homes SL buyers.

8. Liability.

9. Participation in professional associations.

10. data protection

11 Conflict resolution Consumer Arbitration System.

12. a complaint.

13. Advising the client.

14. Give information to the customers concerning potential buyers.

1 Each product offered by Hispania Homes SL, is required to be signed by the supplier of the product that is for sale.

Hispania SL Homes prior to the promotion of products, requires:

•To check that the bidder owns or has the power transmission product.

•To check that the description of the property is consistent with the titles and / or cadastral tab.

•To check that the urban classification is suitable for land use.

• To check that the housing has a valid license occupation.

•To check that housing has a supply of water, electricity, gas, landline in existing technical conditions that do not require changes of works or lines.

• To check the condition of the property in the land registry.

• To check if there is a record of discipline in the City about the property.

• To check whether there are plans of building structures, buildings, industries, institutions or other volumes or special uses in the vicinity of the property.

• To check the age of the building through official documents.

• To check buildable plot or land.

• To check that the cadastral record match reality.

• Referencing the tab of the property of the result of the investigation of this point.

2 The sales conditions are as follows:

The seller must pay:

-The cost of obtaining a license of occupation is in force for the scheduled date of writing.

-The costs of registering unregistered buildings or extensions.

-The municipal capital gains tax.


-The fees of Hispania Homes, SL.

-Expenses cancellation charges.

The buyer must pay:

-Notary fees

-The registration costs of the sales contract.

-Changes of water, light and gas.

3 The sales contract shall contain the following:

-Identification of the property plan.

-Registry data along with simple copy.

-Cadastral data.


-Administrative documentation.

-The required by the RD 515/1989 of April 21 to the assumptions set forth therein.

-Details of price and payment terms.

-Other established by law or the parties.

4 The customer interested in purchasing a property will be given copies of:

-The title of the Seller

-Building permit

-License of Occupation

-Book of the project

-Cadastral sheet

-Copy of the distribution of the furniture

5 Hispania Homes, SL has a policy of transparency in the products it sells. Therefore, the offeror must sign a document that you have any defects noted of the property.

If the purchaser wants to obtain a technical report of the object, Hispania Homes, SL recommends that the purchaser contracts to freelancer without interest or relationship with the seller or Hispania Homes, SL.

Hispania Homes, SL indicates the date you have visited the house offered.

6 The fees of Hispania Homes SL are borne by the person requesting their smack-DAB services and will always be set in the request for services.

Hispania Homes SL will always charge the fees and deliver a copy of your invoice to your customer under the terms of current legislation.

7. Amounts received by Hispania Homes SL customers or buyers on account of the price of the products will be credited to an account opened exclusively to receive money from third parties.

8 Hispania Homes, SL has liability insurance with the following upon:

Detail insurance.

Copy of the policy is available to the client.

9 Hispania Homes SL undertakes to participate in forums and union meetings to always be up to date on the "know-how" and processes of the profession.

Also, Hispania Homes SL is obliged to be a member or partner of the most prestigious trade associations and thus have the requirements in order to remain integrated in these associations.

Associations to which Hispania Homes, SL belongs are:

10. data protection.

11 Hispania Homes SL adheres to the Consumer Arbitration System. Thus, in case of conflict with the client, it can go directly to theconsumer arbitration without resorting to the courts.

12.-Hispania Homes SL searched its offices complaint forms available to customers in accordance with current legislation.

13.-Hispania Homes SL will advise the client in the proper matter of service charge. However, Hispania Homes SL will invite the customer to obtain independent advice from a lawyer or architect in legal or own technical content of these professional aspects.

14 Hispania Homes SL will inform your customers, providers of real estate, when regularly visits have been made to their properties with the names of people who have visited.

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