We advise you to choose an API - officially qualified real estate agent  - to choose, because it is a guarantee of safety and transparency.

API functions are:

- Intervention in the purchase and sale, transfer, exchange and transaction

- Granting of mortgage loans on real estate

- Assess the value of property.

The good performance of these functions are guaranteed by the training and knowledge of the Markets covered by insurance for civil and professional liability.

Guarantees of an API are:

- It has an official degree and specific training in the real estate sector. One can estimate the market value of your property. It fits certain sales techniques to sell your property effectively.

- The sales process is realized with the utmost professionalism. Selling a house requires  multiple documents. In addition, the API broker will act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller until the end of the process.

- API intermediar. The API will announce your home and will look for potential buyers.

- He will ensure that the operation of the operation meets all legal requirements. The API will provide optimal service to its customers.

If you are a seller.

The sale of a property is a long and expensive process that can be committed with very serious mistakes if you do not have the advice of a professional. Agent Real Property warrants that:

It has an official degree and specific training in the sector. Ensuring that we knows the market to value your property, have known sales techniques to sell your home efficiently. It is also regulated by the College of API in the province of Alicante, which ensures that the acts respect the professional code of ethics.

It realizes the  whole process with the utmost professionalism. The sale of a building needs a lot of documents which the API provides. In addition, the Agent will serve as an intermediary between seller and buyer until the end of the process by ensuring that both parties benefit and are satisfied.

The API will announce your property, seek potential buyers and show it to interested clients in buying it. Creditworthy buyers always seek to ensure the success of the operation.

More info: http://www.apialicante.com/index.html

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